Point-of-Purchase & Retail Display Springs

Whether you’re a display company, retailer, or brand, we can help you transform and secure your point-of-purchase (POP) and retail displays with variable and constant force springs. We custom-design springs for applications containing pusher trays for nearly any permanent and semi-permanent display. We have the in-house capabilities from concept to mass production to develop point-of-purchase and retail display springs that will position and push your product perfectly in a horizontal, vertical, or angled direction. Our custom designs will use variable or constant force springs to ensure products stick out on the shelves and alleviate unstocked and messy retail displays. Our line of security tethers will ensure your products are safe from theft yet still accessible for customer interaction.

With Vulcan Spring, we’re focused on pushing the limits of possibility. We will work alongside your team to custom-build the precise spring needed for your next POP or retail display design for high-volume orders.

Most Popular Springs Used for Point-of-Purchase & Retail Displays

Our POP springs, security tethers, and plastic scroll offerings are fully customizable and can be produced in high volumes for mass distribution in addition to our assortment of ready-made springs and tethers.

two people paying a vending machine
woman holding a bottle of makeup

Common point-of-purchase & retail display applications

  • Cosmetic & tobacco displays
  • Frozen & refrigerated foods
  • Beverage displays
  • Healthcare products
  • DVDs, games & electronics
  • Hardware & home improvement products

Why Choose Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing?

Since 1967, we have been the preferred partner for the manufacture of custom POP pusher tray springs and assemblies, from design to production and beyond, driven by an unrelenting passion for your success.

By taking a hands-on, collaborative, and transparent approach to design for manufacturing, we customize solutions that optimize your display’s function and help create the best product presentation, thus positively impacting the consumer’s in-store experience. With the development of the variable force spring and Pullbox® security tether, Vulcan boasts nearly 40 years of serving the point-of-purchase and retail markets. Our customers know they can trust us to provide the right solution to elevate brand exposure. Display manufacturers and plastic molders know they can count on USA-based, ISO-certified Vulcan Spring to deliver consistent, quality products on time with a superb experience.