Fire Dampers

At Vulcan Spring, we understand that quality and dependability are paramount when it comes to designing life-sustaining and industrial HVAC dampers that provide ventilation and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Our highly-reliable springs can help ensure that your static, dynamic, and combination fire and smoke dampers provide your customers and their buildings with the safety and peace of mind they deserve.

When you work with us you’ll see how we go Beyond the Spring™ by utilizing our vast design experience to manufacture high-quality, custom springs or wire forms that are right for your application. Our springs help ensure your products pass rigorous UL safety tests and get approved for use.

Most Commonly Used Springs in Fire Dampers

Common Types of Fire Dampers

  • Dynamic Fire Dampers
  • Static Fire Dampers
  • Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers
  • Ceiling Radiation Damper (CRD)