twin spring

Twin Springs

Twin springs feature two coils, in which one is wound clockwise and the other is wound counter-clockwise, giving the spring twice the force in a confined space. As a result, twin springs are often used where a small diameter is needed, such as in an electric motor or surgical device. The spring is usually mounted with the coils to the sides and the part to be pushed in the middle, delivering a constant force.

Common twin spring applications

  • Electric motors
  • Surgical tools
  • Toys
  • Door locks
  • Cup holders

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Type 301 stainless steel typically used for most applications. Other materials are required if current is to be carried through the spring.

Life Cycle & Force

The force of the spring should be equal to the requirement of the application. The normal tolerance for a constant force motor brush spring is +/- 10%.

End Details

Many standard tools are available to create the desired end detail for twin springs. Special end designs can be made for a nominal charge. Ask about our end detail solutions.

Mounting Methods

There are various mounting methods available based on your application, including single mounting and multiple mounting. Please consult with one of our experts.