Commercial Aerospace and Defense Springs

While accumulating decades of application experience and delivering on quality, Vulcan Spring has become a key supplier and partner to the Aerospace and Defense industries with our springs contributing to aircrafts, satellites, telescopes, and even firearm magazines. We can meet tough Mil-Spec requirements and government regulations for aerospace and defense springs and fulfill high-volume orders.

Aerospace and defense springs are useful for balancing, tensioning, and retracting solar panels, aircraft doors, and antennas, as well as motor applications for cable and reel mechanisms. With Vulcan Spring, we’re focused on pushing the limits of possibility and will work alongside your team to custom-build the precise spring needed for an aerospace or defense design.

Most Popular Springs Used for Aerospace & Defense

man with firearm
space shuttle in space
hand pulling a lever

Common aerospace & defense applications

  • Armaments
  • Aircraft cockpits
  • Solar panels for space satellites
  • Interior furnishings & controls
  • Seat counterbalances in tanks & humvees
  • Firearm magazines


James Webb Space Telescope

Vulcan Spring provided a custom designed and manufactured constant force, or Conforce®, spring that accurately provides tensioning to the Sunshield Membrane on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Common Applications for Defense & Aerospace Springs

  • Armaments

  • Aircraft cockpits

  • Solar panels for space satellites

  • Interior furnishings & controls

  • Seat counterbalances in tanks & Humvees

  • Firearm Magazines

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