About Us

Since 1967, we have been the preferred partner for the manufacture of custom springs and assemblies, from design to production and beyond, driven by an unrelenting passion for your success.

By taking a collaborative, transparent approach to design for manufacturing, we engineer solutions that optimize your product’s function, drive out unnecessary costs, and align with your overarching goals. With over 50 years of serving diverse industrial and retail markets, our customers know they can rely on our engineering proficiency and exceptional customer support. Tier 1 OEMs, contract manufacturers, and design firms can count on USA-based, ISO-certified Vulcan Spring to deliver consistent, quality products on-time with a superb experience.

Why Choose Vulcan Spring?


Your Preferred Supplier of Custom Springs from Design to Production

We are the preferred global supplier of custom springs, recognized for our superior capabilities from design through high-volume production. With innovative machinery, tooling, and engineers, we can deliver a spring solution for even the most challenging applications. For industrial or POP displays and beyond, we’re equipped for the quality and timely production of millions of quality springs, all while promising to make your experience from concept to production as easy as possible.

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A Better and Faster Way to Mass Produce Consistent, Quality Springs

We empower you to succeed by finding innovative solutions to your industrial or POP display spring challenges. We use a better and faster way to mass produce custom quality springs, recognizing that quality is the combination of precision and consistency. By bringing all the necessary tools and expertise in-house and advancing that expertise every day, you can be confident that every order you place will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Responsive and Helpful Customer Support that Goes Beyond the Spring

We take customer support seriously with extreme responsiveness with fast and honest turnaround times, recognizing that it’s our job to keep your team and project moving forward. Each member of our staff is an expert of our craft, seeing beyond the spring to its end application to provide insight and advice that ensures your order will be produced accurately and optimally. With us, you’ll never have to question our commitment to you and your project’s success.

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