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Conforce® Constant Force Springs

With innovative machinery, tooling and engineers, we can develop and deliver a spring solution for even the most challenging applications. At Vulcan Spring, custom is normal with us. Complete, custom design reviews are we what do, reacting quickly to get you a perfectly functioning spring quickly, in high volumes. Of course, we have plenty of stock springs available too. Connect with our engineers to talk about your project and your needs. Conforce® Springs offer high force output with small space requirements, provide long linear reach with minimal force buildup and store power indefinitely when extended. These springs are ideal for a wide variety of uses where constant force / tension springs are needed, including applications requiring smooth extension and retraction, counterbalancing, and tensioning. We offer a variety of stock springs available for purchase online (minimum order of $500 and minimum quantity of 10). Please scroll down to view available products.

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Type 301 stainless steel is typically used for most applications. High-carbon steel, Inconel and other materials may be required.

Life Cycle & Force

The life of the constant force spring is predictable. A life cycle is an extension and retraction of either the whole spring or any portion of it. A low estimate of cycle life will lead to early failure. A high estimate, which makes the spring larger and more expensive than necessary. The force of the spring should be equal to the requirement of the application. The normal tolerance for a constant force spring is +/-10%.

End Details

Many standard tools tools are available to create the desired end detail. If you require a custom design, we’re happy to make it for you.

Mounting Methods

There are various mounting methods available based on your application, including single mounting and multiple mounting. Please consult with one of our experts.

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Note: Stock Spring

As a convenience, we do offer a small selection of stock items available for purchase with a minimum order of $500 via credit card with a minimum quantity of 10 for each spring and mechanical reel and 50 for each tether product. You can connect with our team of experts for higher quantity and custom configurations.