Vulcan Spring empowers you to succeed by finding innovative solutions to your industrial or POP display spring challenges. We use a better and faster way to mass produce custom quality springs, recognizing that quality is the combination of precision and consistency. By bringing all the necessary tools and expertise in-house and advancing that expertise every day, you can be confident that every order you place will meet or exceed your expectations.

Rapid Prototyping

Whether your spring design requires plastic and steel components, our experts can deliver working prototypes. Our CNC machining centers can produce components from steel or other alloys, and our 3D printing machine can make plastic components from ABS. If the design requires a spring, we can make it and assemble the entire concept.

Custom Spring Engineering

Our team of Mechanical Engineers brings decades of experience and know-how to the table on every design. Using 3D modeling software, we can design a single component or complete assembly for you.


Whether the product involves simply putting a spring into a housing or a more complicated assembly with a variety of components, we have the capability to get the job done. Depending on the quantity required, we can utilize secondary labor or fully automated equipment. Spot welding, sonic welding and riveting are just a few of the processes where we can provide expertise. Special packaging is an additional service available for a wide range of applications.

Tool and Die

Our experienced staff of Tool Designers and Toolmakers can design and build whatever is necessary for a product. Whether it’s a simple forming tool or a multi-progression die, we have all the required equipment in-house for the job. In this area, we also produce precision components in limited production quantities. Our wire EDM equipment, CNC mills, grinders and lathes are all capable of manufacturing tooling to the strictest tolerances.

Our state-of-the-art wire EDM machines are designed for precision cutting of steel. The machines are capable of producing geometric accuracies of +/-.00008” and surface finishes down to 30 microinches in tool steel and 20 microinches in carbide on work pieces up to 14” x 10” x 8” H. Our team can create part programs from an existing CAD or 3D file and deliver finished parts quickly.

Customer Support

We take customer support seriously with extreme responsiveness with fast and honest turnaround times, recognizing that it’s our job to keep your team and project moving forward. Each member of our staff is an expert of our craft, seeing beyond the spring to its end application to provide insight and advice that ensures your order will be produced accurately and optimally. With us, you’ll never have to question our commitment to you and your project’s success.

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