Versatile, rugged and dependable, the PULLBOX® line of security tethers set a high standard for proven performance. There are five PULLBOX® products, each with customizable options and colors. PULLBOXES® can be mounted using double sided tape or other mounting methods.  For a higher level of security, a battery operated alarm can be added, which snaps onto the PULLBOX®.   This product is available in black or white, with custom colors available for large volume orders. 

Common PULLBOX® applications

  • Point of purchase security
  • Retail product positioning
  • Equipment counterbalancing
  • Wire harness positioning in electronic equipment
  • Product or parts feeding
  • Signage support

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Our cable types include standard, heavy and very heavy stainless steel cable. Thicker cable options are available upon request.

Life Cycle & Force

The pull force changes with each PULLBOX® product, ranging from .012 lbs. up to 6 lbs. Some combinations of pull force and cable types are not compatible. Your PULLBOX® will get the most optimal lifespan when the cable is extended straight out of the box.

End Fittings

 We have a large variety of options to attach the PULLBOX® to your product. The PULLBOX® has four cable exit location possibilities.

CAD Files

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