Versatile, rugged, and dependable, PULLBOX® security tethers set a high standard for proven performance. There are five PULLBOX® products, each with customizable options and colors. Double-sided mounting tape can be applied to the PULLBOX® in different locations to achieve the perfect positioning. A PULLBOX® alarm is also available, which is a battery-operated alarm that snaps directly onto a PULLBOX®. The PULLBOX® is available in black or white, with custom colors for large volume orders. Minimum order of $500 and quantity of 50 for each tether product.


Secure Products and Displays With PULLBOX® Retractable Security Tethers

Common PULLBOX® applications

  • Point of purchase security
  • Retail product positioning
  • Equipment counterbalancing
  • Wire harness positioning in electronic equipment
  • Product or parts feeding
  • Signage support
  • Customer-Product interaction and sampling

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PULLBOX® security tethers come in standard, heavy and very heavy nylon-coated, stainless steel, clear, or black nylon coated cable. Thicker cable options are also available upon request.

Life Cycle & Force

The pull force of each PULLBOX® product varies, ranging from .012 lbs. up to 6 lbs. Some combinations of pull force and cable types are not compatible. Mounting the PULLBOX® so security tethers can extend straight out of the box ensures optimal functionality and the longest lifespan possible.

End Fittings and Exit Locations

pullbox cable exit locations There is a wide range of options available to attach your product to the PULLBOX®. The PULLBOX® features many different end fitting options that allow your product to not only be secure, but also be appealing to the customer!

CAD Files

Order a PULLBOX® Sample Kit

PULLBOX® Sample Kits are available to allow you to explore the wide range of configurations, and capabilities our unique tethers offer. Each PULLBOX® Sample Kit includes the following tethers:

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As a convenience, we do offer a small selection of stock items available for purchase with a minimum order of $500 via credit card with a minimum quantity of 10 for each spring and mechanical reel and 50 for each tether product. You can connect with our team of experts for higher quantity and custom configurations.