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Medical Devices & Healthcare

From surgical staplers to MRI and X-ray equipment, we design and manufacture custom springs for a wide range of medical devices and high-profile healthcare equipment that requires linear force or rotational torque. Our custom springs are also used in equipment such as surgical robots, medical carts and bed lifts.


Automotive & Transportation

When it comes to springs for automotive applications, you can rely on us for exceptional in-house spring design and manufacturing solutions. Our springs are used in many aspects of vehicle design, including cup holders, glove compartments, and even seat controls.


Point-of-Purchase & Retail Displays

Whether you are a display company, retailer or brand, we can help you transform your POP display with variable force and pusher display springs for nearly any permanent and semi-permanent setup. From endcaps for cosmetics and DVDs to food and drink displays to security tethers, our custom springs help improve the shopping experience for consumers.


Aerospace & Defense

For demanding aerospace, defense and military applications, we have the expertise, proven experience and in-house capabilities to customize and produce a spring that meets stringent MilSpecs and regulations. Our high-quality custom spring designs can be found in everything from tanks and Humvees to aircraft and satellites.


Who We Are

Vulcan Spring is a preferred global manufacturer of custom springs. Our clients depend on us for our superior custom spring capabilities from the initial design stages through mass production. With innovative engineering, state-of-the-art machinery and precision tooling, we deliver spring solutions for even the most challenging applications. Our springs can be found in cutting-edge medical equipment, convenient retail displays, and even orbiting the Earth in satellite solar panels. From industrial applications to POP displays and beyond, we’re equipped to design and manufacture millions of springs quickly and to your exact specifications, all while promising to make your experience as easy as possible from concept to production.

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