The PULLBOX® Pro works with motorized skylight shades in top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal applications. The PULLBOX® Pro has been designed to meet the challenges and needs of shade manufacturers and installers in even the harshest climates. Made from 304 stainless steel and Kevlar cable, the PULLBOX® Pro was designed to provide a constant force profile through the extension and retraction of the shade. Easy to install, with a unique locking feature to take the load off the cable when mounting the shade, the PULLBOX® Pro pairs well with all sky shades.

A robust, stainless steel case/housing makes the PULLBOX® Pro a suitable component for industrial-grade applications.

Applications that use the PULLBOX® Pro

  • Solar Shades
  • Motorized Skylight Shades
  • Top Down, Bottom Up, and Horizontal Shades

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304 Stainless Steel Case/Housing, .055” Diameter Cord – Polyester sleeve over a Kevlar® core, and 13’ Cable extension length.

Life Cycle & Force

Cable pull force options for the PULLBOX® Pro include 3.5 lbf, 8 lbf, or 10 lbf.  Approximate life cycles: 5,000.

End Details

Ring terminal cable end fitting

Mounting Methods

The PULLBOX® Pro offers a simpler mounting method than the competing products. It separates the mounting bracket from the spring enclosure, thus eliminating the difficulty of working around the spring and spools with a slender screwdriver.   The PULLBOX® Pro utilizes through holes rather than tapped holes so the installer is free to run screws through the bracket into the window frame. It delivers reliable and even tension throughout its operation and is made from durable and attractive stainless steel construction. Available in right or left-hand cable orientation.