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Mechanical Reels

Based on Conpower® spring technology, our mechanical reels provide reliable power for applications requiring counterbalancing or retracting, especially in applications requiring long deflection. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, mechanical reels are extremely rugged and designed for maximum life. We offer five stock mechanical reel products that can be purchased online. All units are fully assembled and ready to use. Maximum cable pull force ranges from ½ lb. to 4 lbs, with cable extension length from 100 inches down to 25 inches. Note that force decreases as cable length increases. We offer a variety of stock springs available for purchase online (minimum order of $500 and minimum quantity of 10). Please scroll down to view available products.

Industries that use mechanical reels include

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Note: Stock Spring

As a convenience, we do offer a small selection of stock items available for purchase with a minimum order of $500 via credit card with a minimum quantity of 10 for each spring and mechanical reel and 50 for each tether product. You can connect with our team of experts for higher quantity and custom configurations.