Medical Device & Healthcare

We are proud to announce our certification to ISO 13485:2016

Bring your concept to life with custom flat and round wire steel spring solutions by Vulcan Spring. We will partner with your engineers, contract manufacturers, and designers to prototype, test, and mass-produce millions of custom springs for complex medical and healthcare devices. Certified to international quality standards and verified through extensive testing and measurement, we have the equipment, capability, experience, and bandwidth to prototype, rigorously test, and custom-build your spring designs with your end-user’s experience in mind.

Most Popular Springs Used for Medical Device and Healthcare

nurse talking with patient about to get a scan
nurse checking on child patient in hospital bed
surgeon using medical stapler

Common medical device & healthcare applications

  • Surgical staplers
  • Drug infusers & delivery systems
  • Table & bed lift mechanisms
  • MRI & x-ray machines