Vulcan Spring is more than just a spring manufacturer

Posted by Catherine Tyger on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 03:55 PM

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KitengeVulcan Spring is a company that loves what we do and we know that you have put your trust in us since 1967 to fulfill your custom stainless steel spring needs. We are known for making the best constant force springs and having the best customer service of any other spring manufacturer.  Solving problems and reaching solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients is something that helps us stand out from the rest.

Our goal at Vulcan Spring is to create solutions to problems and challenges that are brought to us. I recently had a unique challenge that got me thinking.  Last year my wife, the curly haired photographer, and I were at a presentation at our church where they were talking about the many kids without homes in Kenya, Africa.  Yes, orphans.  These children have no parents or homes and end up living on the streets where they can be killed or die due to poor conditions without any help.  We heard the plea to help these children and decided to act on finding a solution. 

With the help of Chariots for Hope, we opened a new children’s home in Kangundo, Kenya to house 100 of these children.  This home provides a safe place with a caring staff for children who need help.  In January of this year we opened the doors, and already have 100 kids in place.  They are learning to adapt to life with beds, consistent food and a clean healthy environment.  The curly haired photographer and I are supporting this place of refuge for these children who have touched our hearts and we love seeing that there is finally hope for them.

Chariots for Hope

This is not our first time working with a charity. We have worked with another orphanage in Palakol, India since 2004.  This organization supported 20 kids and was running out of money, so we decided to get involved.  My wife and I helped purchase more land and construct additional buildings.  Now 290 children are placed at Hebron Children’s Home.

Scott and Sharon RankinIn addition to providing the kids at Hebron Children’s home shelter, they also now attend two schools on the property.  Our teachers help them gain the skills and knowledge they need while giving them the best education in the area.  Raising her own money, our daughter started a music school on the campus so the students could learn the magic of music.  What a joy it has been to see these children and this place thrive over the years.

In addition, we also support orphanages in the US and China with a bit less of a hands on approach, providing them with advice and money to help them succeed.  We feel it is important to look out for the children in our “back yard” as well as other countries.

Scott Sharing with KidsYou see, at Vulcan we are not just about making springs.  We are concerned for the wellbeing of others that can’t take care of themselves, so we find ways to create solutions to their needs.  It is a pleasure to serve these people and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

If you are interested in learning more please visit their web site:

Chariots for Hope  |  Hebron Childrens Home