The Vulcan Vortex

Recently we posted a blog about the FIRST Robotics Competition getting started for 2013. Vulcan Spring’s Scott Rankin has been a sponsor and mentor for Team 1218 of this competition since 2007. Vulcan Spring is proud to be a part of such an exciting event that gives students engineering knowledge to be our future leaders and inventors!

FIRST Team 1218’s robot for this year’s Ultimate Ascent is The Vulcan Vortex!  Building season is well underway and the first video of The Vulcan Vortex has been released. Check it out below.

This year’s game is the Ultimate Ascent. Two competing alliances, consisting of three robots, start out the match with a fifteen second period where the robots operate without human drivers. The goals during this fifteen second period are worth more. The task is to propel discs into goals of different heights in order to score the most points. The higher the goal, the more the points.  To end the match, each robot must attempt to climb up a pyramid in the middle of the field. Each robot receives points based how high it can climb. View the game’s video breakdown from our previous blog.

Information about Ultimate Ascent and Team 1218:

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