Watch & Learn How to Bring Your Application to Life

Constant Force Springs in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) | Vulcan Spring

Discover the small but critical role of Vulcan’s constant force springs in the sunshield membrane of the historic James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), helping to shade and protect the vessel on its extensive mission through space.

Constant Force vs. Compression Springs for Magazine Design | Vulcan Spring

If you’ve ever loaded ammunition into a magazine, you understand the trouble of increasing resistance per round loaded. Learn how Vulcan Spring crafted a spring that makes force constant, thus minimizing resistance.

Overcoming Foreign Supply Risks with Onshoring | Vulcan Spring

Learn more about the risks associated with offshore component sourcing and how Vulcan Spring’s US-based production and manufacturing helps companies minimize supply chain disruptions and transportation costs.

Constant Force Spring: The Best Choice for Your Automotive Cup Holder Application | Vulcan Spring

Conforce®️ Springs offer high-force output in small spaces, such as cup holders. As the preferred partner for the design and manufacture of custom automotive interior springs and assemblies, we’ve been optimizing kinematics and driving out unnecessary costs since 1967.

NASA OSIRIS-REx Mission | Asteroid Bennu | Vulcan Spring

Vulcan Spring is honored to play an important role in NASA’s recent and historic OSIRIS-REx mission. Our Conforce springs are in the robotic arm of the spacecraft, which is responsible for retrieving samples from Asteroid Bennu.

Comprehensive Spring Assembly Solutions

From simple spring housings to complex, multi-component assembly services, we have the right people, equipment, and capabilities to handle any job. Rely on us for custom welding, tool & die design, and more.

Custom Spring Manufacturer for a Variety of Industries

Learn about the industries served and product applications for custom springs manufactured by Vulcan Spring.

USA-Manufactured Custom Springs

There’s never been a better time to support domestic companies. We’ve been operational during COVID-19, supporting existing clients and new clients who previously relied on suppliers from China. We’ve been here for 50+ years and are proud to be your domestic custom spring supplier.

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