Allen Booz

C Allen BoozTitle: Sales Engineer

Home town: Telford, Pa.

Educational credentials: B.S. in Business with a minor in Electrical Engineering Technology - Spring Garden College - Philadelphia, Pa.

Relevant or noteworthy experience. - 21 years’ experience in technical sales and product management

When hired at Vulcan - September 1999

Why I chose Vulcan: Customer-oriented midsize manufacturer that I could help make a difference with.

Outside interests / hobbies: - Biking, kayaking, golf

Philanthropic endeavors, if any - Church activities

A person who (or an event that) inspired you: My father – positive outlook with a strong work ethic.

In your opinion, what is the greatest engineering achievement of all time? The Internet. It enables you to have a vast amount of information at your fingertips and has helped create a more connected global community.

In your opinion, what is the most over-looked (or under-credited) engineering achievement of all time? Electronics. Brilliant engineering and innovation lie behind these unseen components that operate wireless communications, satellite broadcasts, air traffic control systems, microwave ovens, video cameras, cell phones, computers, and many other innovations that have improved the safety, quality, and convenience of modern life.

What car you’d drive, if money (or street laws) were no object: Ferrari Enzo