Bob Gustafson

Bob GustafsonTitle: Sales Engineer

Hometown: Malvern, PA

Education: Bloomsburg University, St. Joseph’s University

Experience: 21 years in the spring industry (wow, really?). Prior to that I spent some time in the railroad industry selling large maintenance equipment.

Hired at Vulcan: January 1995

Why I chose Vulcan: At the time I thought the company was ready to grow rapidly and felt I could contribute to that effort. I liked the smaller company feel and the fact that customers really did come first. I also thought it would be fun to work with Scott. Outside interests: Most of my free time is allotted to baseball with my two sons. I coach one team and try to get to as many of the other games as possible. Other than that I enjoy spending time in my music studio. I play guitar but also like to arrange, produce, mix and engineer music compositions.

Philanthropic activities: My wife handles this. I coach Little League Baseball.

A person or event that inspired you: Person: Alex Rankin – he started Vulcan Spring in his basement and took many risks to establish the business. His story is an American entrepreneurial dream come true and it is always inspiring to hear tales of the early days. Event: Walking across hot coals sure qualifies.

Greatest engineering achievement: First would be the personal computer but a close second is the solid body electric guitar.

Most over-looked engineering achievement: This one is tough. I am always amazed at small engineering advancements like zip lock bags.

What car would you drive: I’m not really into cars but ever since I was little all I ever wanted to drive was a BMW. I don’t know why but I remember seeing the early version of the car when I was young. Maybe I had a toy car but I don’t remember that.

Crazy tidbit: My family raises chickens. Currently we have 4 chickens that my youngest son raised from chicks at school. They are quite amazing creatures and fun to have around. We get plenty of eggs to enjoy without shopping. To supplement that my wife has an incredible garden so there are a number of days where all we eat comes from our yard!