Case Study Renowned Merchandising Tray Manufacturer

Industry: Point-of-Purchase

Vulcan Spring Product: Variable Force Spring


A renowned merchandising tray manufacturer came to us with the challenging need of pushing a unique array of products that are not typically conducive to pusher systems without the potential of damaging the product. The company needed to incorporate a dampening system into their system to aid in pushing the products without damaging them. They needed to align the damper mechanism with the variable force of the spring.


Our team, having worked on similar projects, assessed the current spring solution and provided a custom variable force spring. The company, being in a different part of the country, required visits from our sales and engineering teams and was very hands-on. Our design assistance, collaborative approach and accessibility in visiting the client allowed for reactive changes in design, resulting in the ideal spring.


The merchandising tray manufacturer narrowed their spring design down to a single spring from a series of springs that we had developed. With the right spring design in place, the company began launching their system on a global scale, setting the standard for their industry.