Case Study Cash Management Technology Company

Industry: Gaming, Vending and Retail

Vulcan Spring Product: Spring Assembly


A cash management technology company secured a large project, in which their technology would be used in major retail outlets around the world. The company approached us with the project, which had an aggressive timeline that required a complex and highly engineered spring assembly needed in significant volumes.


Our team was required to increase production close to 500% while maintaining the quality and integrity of the part and meeting the tight timelines set forth by the end customer, one of the largest retailers in the world. Our team met the challenge, developing a turnkey manufacturing and assembly solution that allowed for the increase in production while still meeting other client needs.


The collaboration of multiple departments and collaboration across the supply chain resulted in a successful program that has continued to run over the past two years. The cash management technology company was able to successfully launch their product and integrate their system into the major retail outlets with little-to-no interruptions.