Case Study Medical Device Company for Wound Care & Surgery

Industry: Medical Device

Vulcan Spring Product: Spring Assembly Services


A medical device company designed a critical product that incorporated a complete spring assembly. Certain components in the assembly, however, disrupted the supply chain, causing significant delays in production. The company needed to minimize this delay and meet deliverable deadlines, and therefore, relied on Vulcan Spring to approve new parts and finalize their function within the spring assembly.


We worked with the company to onboard the new component supplier and approve the new parts. Through the PPAP process, we aligned our production and quality control efforts, stayed in communication with the client and their suppliers, and ramped up production to meet the deliverable deadlines. Despite the supply chain being global, we were able to accommodate this change while allowing production of the device to continue.


Production for this assembly is at its highest rate and production of the medical device has resumed. The medical device is now being delivered to the medical market, and our team continues to source, inspect and approve parts for the device’s assembly.