Case Study Automotive Center Console Solution

Industry: Automotive

Vulcan Spring Product: Constant Force Spring


After already requesting and approving a design, an automotive customer realized that the spring end detail created interference with an HVAC blower vent resulting in noise and uneven air flow. The customer proposed a complete redesign to the end of the spring that would have required a new tool and long lead times.


Vulcan was able to make a quick design suggestion to shorten an area of the spring with no impact on function. Within just 5 days, our secondary production manufactured parts to a new marked-up print that quickly received customer approval. Our team was able to expedite the tooling required due to our in-house machine shop capability.


The customer was able to save over $15,000 in upfront costs as well as 8 weeks of possible line down time. The original production schedule was not impacted at all.