• 40 Years of Innovations that Solve Customer Needs


40 Years of Innovations that Solve Customer Needs

2007 marked the 40th anniversary of Vulcan Spring and Mfg. Co. From its humble beginnings in the basement of an entrepreneur’s home to its leading position in the industrial and point of purchase marketplaces, Vulcan Spring has grown by constantly inventing new technologies and new uses for springs and retracting tethers.

In 1967, Vulcan’s first commercial application gave voice to the iconic “Talking G.I. Joe” action figure. In 1973, Vulcan Spring provided the precision necessary to create the surgical stapler which has become a standard medical device in operating rooms around the world. In 1981, our Pullbox® retractable tether set the standard for product positioning and theft deterrence. In 1990, Vulcan Spring invented the variable force spring which revolutionized point-of-purchase displays. And in 2003, we were proud to supply the springs which opened the solar panels on NASA’s exploration rover when it landed on the planet Mars.

In Vulcan Spring’s 40 years, we have manufactured over 6,000 individual products for more than 2,000 customers. Vulcan Spring technology is proven, adaptable, customizable and exacting, accomplishing integral functions in countless applications that require precision and longevity.

Our innovative design experience, mechanical engineering expertise and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities shorten time to market, accelerate sample production and allow us to deliver products of the highest quality. We employ QC/QA and SPC programs which allow us to meet the strictest tolerances, documented within 99.9999% of specification.

Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. has thrived for four decades by focusing our resources on creating the ideal solution for our customers. We have maintained our leadership position by always selling products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We have always respected every customer order, never forgetting our own roots as the vision of a single entrepreneur. We create solutions for national and international markets by designing and manufacturing products that meet customer needs with innovation and proven functional excellence.