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Spring Edge Conditions: Round Edge vs. De-burred Edge

When considering a spring design it can sometimes be important to discuss the edge condition of the steel. There is a vast amount of technical information concerning the edges of slit strip, but in this blog we will only discuss the basic characteristics and some of the benefits of each edge condition.

Environmental Factors for Constant Force Springs

Vulcan Spring’s products, including constant force springs, are primarily manufactured from AISI Type 301 Stainless Steel. The resistance of this steel to general atmospheric corrosion is very good. However, they may be adversely affected when exposed to certain chemicals or environments, which may induce hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue.

Vulcan Spring Launches Re-designed Web Site

Telford, PA., USA – Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing Co., a leading designer and manufacturer of flat steel springs and related assemblies for diverse global markets, announces the launch of their new full-featured re-designed web site at The new site offers simpler navigation, more content including videos and multimedia, the fast Quickfinder search application, and…

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