Shelf Management: Keeping it Organized with Pullboxes

Recently I went to a “large” retailer to find a few items on my list.  When I was at the checkout counter I witnessed a mild disagreement about a price.  The register rang up one amount, and the shopper thought the price was a much lesser amount.  Of course, a supervisor was called into action and swiftly took care of the situation in a professional and kind manner.  Once the amount was confirmed (the shopper was given the lower price) it became obvious what had happened: the product demo unit had been picked up off the shelf and moved to another location with another price listed on the shelf below it.

Most PULLBOX display tethers are utilized as an anti-theft device.  However, retailers and display makers can save time and money by thinking about product placement and shelf organization.  When a product is displayed on a store shelf a consumer can pick it up and actually feel what it would be like to own it.  This leads to more sales. Attaching a PULLBOX to the product will also help assure that after the consumer reviews the product, it will be placed back in the correct location, helping to prevent situations like the one I witnessed.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. What type of PULLBOX product should be used?  This is a matter of space availability, pull force required and overall feel of the display.  We have three basic types to choose from; PULLBOX, VS-1 and MiniVS
  2. What Type of End Fitting should be used? In the past, the choice was basically between double-sided tape and a fastener.  Today, we have a few additional options, including screw collars (Fig. 1) to make adjustable loops and a plastic push pin (Fig. 2) to attach without using fasteners.  There are also magnetic plates (Fig. 3) that will keep the product positioned correctly.
  3. What should the Pull Force be? Again, this is a matter of taste in most instances.  If it is absolutely necessary that the cable holds a product in place it may be wise to overshoot the force a little.  Many of our products offer a wide range of pull force from 1/8 lbs. to 2 lbs.
  4. How long should the cable extend?  Most applications can utilize the standard 36” extension.  In most locations, this length offers the consumer a comfortable length to review the product.  Shorter lengths can frustrate customers while longer lengths could be unnecessary to achieve the goal of making a sale.

As a good rule of thumb, discussing your requirements with a Vulcan project manager is always your quickest path to a successful design.

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