Spiral Torsion Springs, Versatile Spring Assemblies

Vulcan Spring designs and manufactures spiral torsion springs. Spiral torsion springs are produced from flat steel and are characterized by the requirement that their coils typically do not touch during operation.

A spiral torsion spring will exert a rotational torque, usually through 360° rotation or less. The torque curve of a spiral torsion spring is linear to the degree of rotation.

The inner end of the spring is typically bent to attach to an arbor or hub. The outer end is then attached to the object that is rotating or utilizing the torque of the spring.

Applications / Uses for Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral torsion springs are used in brush motors and in certain applications where a short rotation is required. Industries that use spiral torsion springs include:

Vulcan Spring’s Manufacturing Process for Spiral Torsion Springs

Vulcan Spring utilizes highly customized production equipment, lean manufacturing techniques and principles, and ISO 9001:2008 certified procedures to provide our customers with a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process to produce spiral torsion springs.

Benefits of working with Vulcan Spring include reduced lead times, high quality control and highly competitive costs.

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