Vulcan Spring Products Overview

Vulcan Spring is a leading spring manufacturer providing flat steel springs, retractable display security tethers, retail cable tethers and counterbalances. Vulcan Spring is uniquely equipped to provide custom spring solutions based upon years of experience in spring design and production. Manufacturing flat springs to the exact specifications of designers and engineers, Vulcan Spring has been providing extensive design and engineering expertise, premium materials selection and leading edge manufacturing capabilities for 45 years.

Vulcan Spring offers many product lines including flat steel springs for mechanical applications, retail display springs, retail display security retractors/tethers and truck door counterbalances.

The following chart, though not inclusive of all of Vulcan’s capability, shows common Product/Industry applications:

Medical Device
Industrial Tools Window/Shade
Constant Force X X X X X X   X
Constant Torque X X X X   X   X
Power Spring X X X     X    
Mechanical Reel   X X     X    
Spiral Torsion Spring   X X   X X    
Wire Form X X X     X   X
Variable Force X             X
Plastic Scroll   X           X
Display Retractors     X         X
Truck Counterbalances             X  
Motor/Brush Springs X X X   X X    

Flat Springs for Mechanical Applications

The vast majority of the springs that Vulcan Spring produces are flat springs made from Type 301 stainless steel. Other materials, such as Elgiloy, Inconel and high-carbon steel are also utilized. By focusing on one type of spring and not trying to become “everything to everybody”, Vulcan Spring has developed greater application knowledge and expertise than anyone else in the flat spring industry. Flat steel spring products include:

Retail Display Springs

Vulcan Spring also specializes in variable, constant, and adjustable force springs for Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays. Vulcan Spring invented the Variable Force Spring which has become the standard choice for retail pusher displays. Retail display spring products include:

Display Security Cable Retractors / Retail Security Tethers

Vulcan Spring’s popular Pullbox®, VS-1, MiniVS, and mechanical reel cable tethering devices have led the Point-of-Purchase (POP) industry in innovation for over 30 years. Retail security tether products include:

Truck Door Counterbalances

Vulcan Spring is the leading manufacturer and supplier in the USA for truck door counterbalances for beverage truck doors.

Additional Spring Products, Including Wire Forms

Vulcan Spring also makes:

Spring Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Vulcan Spring is a full service spring manufacturer, also providing design and engineering support services along with other manufacturing services, including:

Contact Vulcan Spring for Flat Spring Applications and More

Complete the Vulcan Spring general inquiry form for further assistance with flat steel springs, counterbalances and retractable security cable tethers for many industries and uses. You can also visit the individual product pages shown above and complete the specific request form on those pages.