MiniVS Recoilers / Positioning Tethers

Vulcan Spring is a leading supplier of MiniVS positioning tethers/recoilers, also called compact security cable retractors. The MiniVS tether provides advantages for product positioning in applications that require only a minimal level of security.

The MiniVS is slightly larger than a quarter yet contains up to 36” (91.44cm) of nylon-covered steel cable. Vulcan Spring’s MiniVS positioning tethers are for light duty in-store displays. As a value-priced recoiler, the MiniVS is used in new applications for lower priced products, customer instruction sheets and cosmetic samples.

The MiniVS’ wide cable slot allows for maximum design flexibility and easy recoil. The cable’s ball fitting accommodates a wide range of available fasteners increasing the tether’s versatility and simplifying installation. With its quality construction, proven Vulcan Spring design principles and steel cable, the MiniVS delivers for point-of-purchase (POP) designers.

Technical Considerations for MiniVS Recoilers

MiniVS DimensionsVulcan Spring is constantly developing new end fittings for the MiniVS. Although currently only a limited number of end fitting options are currently available, Vulcan Spring continues to make innovative product enhancements. Request a quote to inquire about customizing the MiniVs for a specific application.

MiniVS dimensions are shown in drawing. 

There are many options for the cable, end fitting and box; complete the quote request form for all custom requests.

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Applications / Uses for MiniVS Positioning Tether

Positioning tethers are used in store displays and point-of-purchase presentations where security requirements are minimal but keeping the items in place is critical. Items that are typically displayed using a MiniVS positioning tether include:

  • Lower priced products
  • Customer instruction sheets
  • Cosmetic samples
  • Office supplies

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