Mechanical Reels, Versatile Spring Assemblies

Vulcan Spring is a leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical reels based on Conpower® spring technology, a brand that is well known and highly respected for quality throughout the world.

Vulcan Spring’s mechanical reels provide reliable power for applications requiring counterbalancing, retrieving, or returning, especially in applications requiring long deflection. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, Vulcan Springs’s mechanical reels are extremely rugged and designed for maximum life.

Stock Mechanical Reels

Vulcan Spring offers five stock mechanical reel products that can be purchased online. All units are fully assembled and ready to use. Maximum cable pull force ranges from ½ lb. to 4 lbs, with cable extension length from 100 inches down to 25 inches. Note that force decreases as cable length increases.Mechanical Reel Dimensions

See the size specification drawing for detailed information.

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Part Number Max. Cable Pull
Force in lbs.
Cable Extension
Length in inches
VR1433-5 1/2 100
VR1433-10 1 70
VR1433-20 2 50
VR1433-30 3 45
VR1433-40 4 25

 Pull Force Chart

Custom Mechanical Reels

For most applications, a stock mechanical reel will do the job. Where a custom mechanical reel is necessary, Vulcan Spring works with customers to engineer a custom solution, often using a stock mechanical reel as a starting point for the new design or prototype. They may choose to incorporate the stock reel or investigate a more “custom” design.

Applications / Uses for Mechanical Reels

Mechanical reels are ideal for a wide variety of uses that require smooth counterbalancing, returning and retrieving. Industries that use mechanical reel spring assemblies include:

  • Medical Devices / Healthcare
  • Industrial Tools
  • Automotive / Transportation

Vulcan Spring’s Manufacturing Process for Mechanical Reels

Vulcan Spring utilizes highly customized production equipment, lean manufacturing techniques and principles, and ISO 9001:2015 certified procedures to provide our customers with a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process to produce mechanical reel spring assemblies.

Benefits of working with Vulcan Spring include reduced lead times, high quality control and highly competitive costs.

Customers can Buy Stock Mechanical Reels Online or complete the Vulcan Spring general inquiry form for further assistance with mechanical reel spring assemblies from Vulcan Spring.