Vulcan Spring Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Telford, Pennsylvania, USA – Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing Co., a leading designer and manufacturer of flat steel springs and related assemblies for diverse global markets, is celebrating the company’s 50th Anniversary.

Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing was founded in August 1967, and for half a century has manufactured the highest quality Constant Force springs and related products for many diverse industries. “Constant Force springs are made from flat steel and are unique in the world of springs,” states Scott Rankin, President. “Our company is focused on designing and producing products that allow our customers to succeed. Our job is to make your ideas a reality, solve the issues that you have, and make your product a huge success.” Alex Rankin, the founder of the company began Vulcan Spring in the basement of his home and it has grown to a 75,000 square foot facility located in Telford, PA. “We sell to companies around the world and create products that are used by most people every day, whether they realize it or not,” Scott adds.

The company employs about 75 people who specialize in making springs for electric motors, solar panels, automobiles, store displays, toys, medical equipment and many other products. “We have manufactured more than 6,000 individual products for more than 2,000 customers,” Scott says. “Our experience and computerized manufacturing equipment allow us to deliver the shortest time to market in the industry. Here in Telford, our goal is to ensure that every Vulcan team member and their family live a comfortable, productive life.”

Vulcan developed PULLBOX® product security devices, plastic scrolls for informational displays, counterbalances for beverage truck doors, and variable force springs that push products on store shelves. More than 40 years ago, the first commercial application of a Vulcan spring was used to power the speech mechanism in the “Talking G.I. Joe” doll. Today, Vulcan springs are employed in a wide range of applications where exceptional design, high-quality materials and superior manufacturing techniques are required to meet customer needs.

“Our commitment to rapid response, product development, quality and value makes us the leading force in our industry and the preferred supplier to each of our clients. We look forward to the next 50 years,” Scott concluded.

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