The State of the Window & Window Shades Industry During a Pandemic

Picture this, you’re at your home office desk near a window. It’s early in the morning, a few minutes before your workday will begin. You hit a small switch on the wall allowing the blinds to rise a little, letting in the natural light. Your coffee or tea is in the palms of your hand. Your breath is calm and steady as you prepare yourself to take in this contemporary work environment.

Our definition of an office has changed drastically during the course of the pandemic. Working within a building with offices, cubicles, conference rooms, etc., is no longer always expected or required. The dynamic has certainly shifted.

During the lockdown, working remote became quite normal and home offices grew. Demand for home office supplies grew as well. The do-it-yourself or (DIY) projects increased and, with that, the window shades industry rode the same wave.

While Vulcan saw a slight dip in sales during the early parts of the pandemic due to uncertainties in the market and the general slowdown in construction, that quickly turned around as DIY projects increased and commercial and residential construction picked back up. As market conditions continue to improve, Vulcan is expecting continued sales growth for constant force (Conforce®), constant torque (Contorque®), and power springs, as well as our Pullbox® Pro which has been well-received by the industrial shade market for its durability in acting as a counterbalance.

Windows and window shades are more than an aesthetic home décor. They play a vital part in light and temperature control for the room. House too cold during the winter? Pull down your thick insulated window blinds. Is the air in the room too stale? Crack that window open and let in the fresh outside breeze. Is your neighbor being weird again or is a salesperson knocking door to door? Shut those blinds and gain instant privacy.

COVID-19 has proven to be a roller coaster of challenges for small businesses including ours. According to Grand View Research, the market size value for the window and window shades industries in 2020 was estimated at 29.95 billion USD, and the revenue forecast for 2025 is 36.75 billion USD. One thing is for sure, Vulcan will continue our commitment to deliver the highest quality products that the sophisticated, energy-efficient-minded window and window shade market demands.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming Window & Window Shades Case Study with a focus on our Pullbox® Pro tethers.

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