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8 Steps to a Constant Force Spring Design

Vulcan Spring has put together 8 steps to help you make some initial design calculations on your constant force spring. In addition to this article, our design guide is available for download online and will provide you with charts and more detailed information. Select Material – Most of the flat steel springs that Vulcan Spring produces…

Springs Used as a Stopping Mechanism

Too often we find that the springs we manufacture are mistakenly used as stopping mechanisms in a design.  This design flaw can occur in all types of springs including Constant Force Springs, Constant Torque Springs and Power Springs.

The Vulcan Vortex

Recently we posted a blog about the FIRST Robotics Competition getting started for 2013. Vulcan Spring’s Scott Rankin has been a sponsor and mentor for Team 1218 of this competition since 2007. Vulcan Spring is proud to be a part of such an exciting event that gives students engineering knowledge to be our future leaders…

Vulcan Spring is more than just a spring manufacturer

Vulcan Spring is a company that loves what we do and we know that you have put your trust in us since 1967 to fulfill your custom stainless steel spring needs. We are known for making the best constant force springs and having the best customer service of any other spring manufacturer.  Solving problems and…

Vulcan Spring Sponsors the FIRST Robotics Competition in 2013

The kickoff for the FIRST Robotics Competition has begun! January 5, 2013 marked the beginning of design.  Started by Dean Kamen, this robotics competition gets kids to learn the importance of working as a team using science and technology. Teams of 25 students will work together with their mentors to plan, design, think, protoype, program,…

­Pre-Winding Power Springs

When a project calls for the use of a Power Spring, or a Pre-Stressed Power Spring, the design discussion should address initial winding on the arbor.  This initial winding is often referred to as pre-winding the spring. During product assembly the spring is wound on an arbor to a predetermined number of turns.  The main…

Shelf Management: Keeping it Organized with Pullboxes

Recently I went to a “large” retailer to find a few items on my list.  When I was at the checkout counter I witnessed a mild disagreement about a price.  The register rang up one amount, and the shopper thought the price was a much lesser amount.  Of course, a supervisor was called into action…

Counterbalance with Constant Force Springs

Constant Force Springs are commonly used to provide a counterbalance effect for a product.  This blog examines different ways to integrate a counterbalance into a design, emphasizing the use of constant force springs in the manufacturing of a counterbalanced unit.

Design and Function of a Twin Spring or Motor Brush Spring

One of the most unique spring designs produced by Vulcan is called a twin spring.  Its name is derived from the characteristic of having two springs formed from the same strip of stainless steel material.  These custom springs are intended to work together, in unison, doubling the force of a single spring.  Twin springs are…

Constant Force Spring Explanation – Part 2

Our last blog discussed the two main types of Constant Force Spring; linear force and torque. As you can see by the following graph, Vulcan is able to change the force of the spring over the travel length to match customer requirements. These springs are referred to as Gradient Positive and Gradient Negative springs.

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