Overseas Doesn’t Please… U.S. Manufacturers

The supply and demand of materials is something we have all been too familiar with during these past two years. Most companies, regardless of what industry they are in, as well as individual consumers, have most likely been significantly affected by delayed shipments. The need for these companies to utilize a second supplier to keep their projects and products on schedule has become quite evident.

Whether it’s mitigating risk in your supply chain or reshoring business to reduce lead times and have more control over your production schedule, Vulcan Spring may be the solution to your problems.

When you work with domestic suppliers, flexibility becomes an advantage. In Vulcan’s experience, honest communication and a relentless commitment to customer service have been some of our greatest strengths. Establishing strong partnerships with our vendors allows us to be transparent and fair with our clients regarding raw material supply.

Companies who partner with Vulcan Spring for their spring-related projects are welcome to visit our factory where we demonstrate our capabilities to meet and exceed their needs. Additionally, companies in the U.S. who work with Vulcan provide us with the opportunity to coordinate shipments easier throughout the region when compared to their offshore suppliers.

We all agree that “time is money”. Using domestic suppliers and manufacturers reduces supply chain delays and costs. When American businesses support other American businesses, we are not just saving money, we are creating more jobs while setting community standards for suppliers, manufacturers, and the environment.

We Offer:


Extensive Supply Network✔

World-class engineering and customer service✔

Proactive problem solving✔

ISO:13485 and ISO:9001 Certifications✔

If we’re already not your primary supplier, that’s okay. We would be proud to be your secondary spring supplier which will then give us a chance to prove our worth – supporting our domestic economy while including the best American-made, quality springs in your products. It’s not simply having someone you can call, it’s a supplier that has proven they can support your success. Let’s work together!

Want to learn more? Call us at 215-721-1721 or contact us at www.vulcanspring.com and Ask an Engineer about your project needs.


By Laura Jean Null & Paul Jarossy

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