Vulcan Spring Building Expansion

Check it out – we took a little weather-proof, time-lapse camera and stuck it on the roof of our existing building – and every week, we’re posting what it captures right here.

Pullbox® Alarm

See how the Pullbox® Alarm keeps products safe from theft.

Vulcan Spring Cares

Vulcan Spring is not your average spring company.

VS-1 with the Swivel Attachment

The VS-1 now has an optional swivel attachment. This attachment clips into the back of the retractor and allows it to move when the product is pulled in different directions.

Robot Makers Rule

Vulcan Spring is a proud sponsor of FIRST Robotics and Team 1218. View this 1 minute video played during this year's competition, Aerial Assist.

Upfeed Display

demonstrates how the variable force spring in an upfeed display works to slide product up and out.

Conpower® Power Spring

Watch how a Vulcan power spring works in a case.

Contorque® Spring Motor

See a Constant Torque Spring in action.

Conforce® Spring Extension

Constant force springs are great for when you need high force output but you're low on space. Take a closer look.

Contorque® Spring Extension

Constant torque springs deliver big torque in a small package—see one in action.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mechanical Engineering

Congratulations to the University of Illinois at Urbana's Mechanical Engineering on the success of their mechanical battery project using Vulcan Spring Constant Torque Springs!

How do I remove the backing from double-sided tape?

Peel off the backing of double-sided tape with a credit card.

What is the origin of VS-1?

A strange recurring dream was the unlikely inspiration for Vulcan's mini retractor spring.

What is a plastic scroll?

They may not look like springs, but our plastic scrolls are self-coiling and easy to use in a variety of displays.