Super PULLBOX® Plus Security Tether

Vulcan Spring’s Super PULLBOX® Plus combines longer extension and greater pull with a ratcheting mechanism. While it can be used as a heavy duty security tether, the Super PULLBOX® Plus is often used for hanging object support, such as hanging signs. The Super PULLBOX® Plus combination of features provides the support and pull strength needed for hanging these objects easily. The ratcheting mechanism makes objects changing simple. Signs stay down when pulled, then with a second tug return to their original position. It is available with a maximum ten foot cable and up to six pounds of force.

Custom Super PULLBOX® Plus designs can be quickly and cost-effectively manufactured to create the ideal security tether. There are many standard options for the cable, end fitting and box.

How to Work with Vulcan Spring for the Super PULLBOX® Plus

Vulcan Spring works with customers at various stages of their product development process, from prototype to production. Customers rely on the expertise and experience of Vulcan Spring’s engineers. With many different Super PULLBOX® Plus design possibilities for any given application, it’s best to consult with a Vulcan Spring engineer early in the design phase for best results.

The design and engineering process includes:

  • Initial Design Review
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Production - Short run or long run production

Super Pullbox® Plus Dimensions

  Inches Millimeters
A 4.500 114.30
B 3.500 88.90
C 1.650 41.91
D 4.000 101.60
E 3.000 76.20
F Four 0.188  Ø holes Four 4.78  Ø holes
X, Y, Z Cable outlet options*
*Three cable outlet options available, since best performance and life are achieved when cable is extended straight out of the box.

super pullbox plussuper pullbox plus dimensions


Technical Considerations for the Super PULLBOX® Plus

Pull Force Options:  The Super PULLBOX® Plus can utilize the following pull forces:

Pounds 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00
Newtons 2.22, 4.44, 8.90, 13.34, 14.80, 22.24, 26.69

Some combinations of pull force and cable types are not compatible.

Cable Extensions: The Super PULLBOX® Plus can support extensions from 3” (76.20 mm) to 120” (3,048 mm). 


Cable Types: 


Stainless Steel cable, Clear or Black Nylon coated to .045” (1.14 mm) diameter

Very Heavy

Stainless Steel cable, Clear or Black Nylon coated to .062” (1.57 mm) diameter

Thicker cable options are available upon request.


End Fittings:

There are three basic ways to attach the cable to a product.  Double-sided tape, fastener, or loop. We are always looking to add to our end fitting list.  If you require something that is not shown please ask.

View End Fittings   Magnetic End Fittings

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Cable Exit Location:

The Super PULLBOX® Plus has 3 cable exit location possibilities.  We provide these because the best performance and life are achieved when the cable is extended straight out of the box.  The exit locations are shown below:

super pullbox plus exit locations

Box Color:

The Super PULLBOX® Plus comes in grey only.  Custom colors are available with large volume quantities.

Box Tape:

Tape can be applied to the Super PULLBOX® Plus in different locations. 

Applications / Uses for the Super PULLBOX® Plus Security Tether
Applications for the Super PULLBOX® Plus can mostly be found in Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays  as a retail security tether and product positioning. The Super PULLBOX® Plus can be used for equipment counterbalancing, wire harness positioning, product or parts feeding and signage support.

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