Scott Rankin

Scott RankinTitle: President

I am the former president of the SMI – the Spring Manufacturers Institute – which is the association for the North American Spring makers, and is noticed worldwide.

Home town: (Originally from where?) Dresher, Pa. Born in Akron, Ohio.

Educational credentials: Went to high school and made it through. College – graduated from Temple with a degree in Marketing.

Relevant or noteworthy experience: First job was cleaning a church when I was 10. Swept the floor at Vulcan before that. First job out of college was with Porsche in Germany.

When hired at Vulcan: Always worked at Vulcan by picking up springs off the floor when it was in our basement. But started full time in 1984 after Porsche job.

Why I chose Vulcan: Vulcan chose me.

Outside interests / hobbies: Great wife and kids but I love to play with cars. Old cars. 1960s and ’70s. AND I just finished work on a movie that was released fall 2012. A family Christmas movie, Angels Sing.   It is available in many Walmart stores, On Demand, and on the Hallmark channel on lucky nights.

Philanthropic endeavors, if any: We support an orphanage in India called Hebron Children’s Home. I work with Chosen 300 serving the homeless of Philadelphia. Support Adopt-a-classroom. On the board of Walnut Street Theatre, Pocket Testament league, Chosen 300, The Anthony Robbins Foundation. Help at a camp each year to teach teens to be leaders in their communities. Mentor kids in robotics for FIRST robotics. Give money to Support Family Life and the Philadelphia Zoo as well as many other organizations.

A person who (or an event that) inspired you: Time in Germany was very important to me. I learned to live by myself and to appreciate what other people do in the world. I decided to be a fountain and not a drain.

In your opinion, what is the greatest engineering achievement of all time? I’m kind of partial to the wheel. It seems to be really useful and I don’t know who really came up with the idea.

In your opinion, what is the most over-looked (or under-credited) engineering achievement of all time? Got to stick with the wheel on this one. Highly underrated and everyone seems to use one. I think we should have a celebration of the wheel or at least a day off work. Like New Year’s!

What car you'd drive, if money (or street laws) were no object: Bad question for me. I love my 1971 Chevelle convertible. Not the most expensive but I sure do feel good driving it. I’ve driven more expensive and fancier cars but this is still my favorite.

Any story, fact or interesting tidbit: I learned that giving is better than getting. However, the more you give, it seems the more you get. I would like to leave this world knowing that I gave back more than I took. Maybe if I keep at it I will figure out the secret to doing that successfully. I want to live my life with gratitude.

And so on that note I want to thank all of our clients for the many years of business that you have trusted to the Vulcan team.  We are grateful for the work we have done together and we look forward to many more years of solving important mechanical issues for your companies and customers.