Vulcan Spring Launches Re-Designed Website

Telford, PA., USA – Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing Co., a leading designer and manufacturer of flat steel springs and related assemblies for diverse global markets, announces the launch of their new full-featured re-designed website at

The new site offers simpler navigation, more content including videos and multimedia, the fast Quickfinder search application, and more interactive features, making it a comprehensive resource for friends and customers alike seeking information about Vulcan’s many different products and application design solutions.

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“Our new website better reflects Vulcan’s ongoing focus on people, and our commitment to customer service and support,” Paul Jarossy, Director, Sales & Marketing, stated. “Vulcan has always been a company that believes in personalized service and focus. That’s why our new site is a brighter, friendlier, content-rich and easier-to-navigate place for current and prospective customers.”

The new web site offers detailed information about Vulcan innovations including the Pullbox®. The Pullbox® is ideal for product positioning, as a theft deterrent for product samples, as a counterbalance or as a wire harness positioner. Using Vulcan’s Constant Force Spring technology, the Pullbox provides consistent, reliable tension at a variety of forces, with a range of versatile end fittings.

Vulcan’s new website provides customer access to specialized design help, including customized solutions to match individual applications. “We’ve been leading the way in flat spring technology, especially in Constant and Variable Force springs, for more than 45 years,” Jarossy adds. “Our new website simply brings us closer to our customers, so that we can work in partnership with them to provide effective mechanical, display, and transportation solutions.” Vulcan also offers Spiral Torsion Springs and Wire Forms for industrial, brush motor, and retail display markets and applications, and information about these solutions is also available on the site.

About Vulcan Spring & Mfg.

Established in 1967, Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of flat steel springs and related assemblies for diverse global markets. Through the company’s commitment to rapid response, product development, and quality and value, Vulcan Spring & Mfg. has become the preferred supplier for Industrial and Point-of-Purchase clients. For more information contact the company at, or Tel. +1.215.721.1721.

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