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Catherine Tyger

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Mounting a Pullbox®, VS-1 or MiniVS Product Security Tether

We often get mounting questions from our customers as they are installing Vulcan Spring’s patented and trademarked Pullbox® security tethers.  To address this issue, we have put together a blog entry to discuss the many ways the Pullbox® can be mounted to a display.  This information should be used only as a guide and suggestions may vary depending upon the application.

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8 Steps to a Constant Torque Spring Design

A constant torque spring is a specially stressed constant force spring traveling between two spools.  The spring is stored on a storage spool and reverse wound onto an output spool.  When released, torque is obtained from the output spool as the spring returns to its natural curvature on the storage spool.  

Constant Force Design Guide
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Corrugated Displays Have New Life

Many corrugated dispensing displays utilize gravity to effectively drop the product into place once one product is removed.  Essentially, the products are stacked in a display that is mounted high on an end cap.  The product is displayed at a reasonable height so the consumer can take it and another product will drop down into the window for the next consumer.  Using a display in this fashion allows stock to be held on the floor, behind graphics, yet allowing one focused dispensing area.  This arrangement is often used and well tested.  However, the question we ask is; why leave the entire area below the display empty?  Wouldn’t it be a great idea to double the amount of product, and graphics, so that the product will optimize its selling potential?

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Scott Rankin Produces Family Christmas Movie

Manufacturing the finest flat steel springs in the industry to meet our customers’ needs is our choice at Vulcan Spring, allowing us to work in a constant, challenging environment.  So four years ago when I was given the opportunity to be the executive producer in a film production, I looked at it as a different type of challenge and a chance to try something totally different. 

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Vulcan Spring's Back to School Quiz

It is late August and the time of the year for pennant races in baseball, pre-season football and of course, the kids go back to school.  To celebrate, we thought we’d make this blog into a fun quiz with some multiple choice and true and false questions.  The quiz includes industrial and point of purchase sections. 

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Pushing Products with Variable Force

Variable Force Springs, also known as V-Springs, are commonly used to push products on shelves in retail shopping environments.  Research shows it is more likely a consumer will make an impulse purchase if the product is forward on the shelf than if placed back in the shadows of a display. The V-Spring is perfectly suited for this as it helps to keep products at the front of the shelf, visible and easy for the consumer to purchase.

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8 Steps to a Constant Force Spring Design

Vulcan Spring has put together 8 steps to help you make some initial design calculations on your constant force spring. In addition to this article, our design guide is available for download online and will provide you with charts and more detailed information.

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