• The Thin Disk


The Thin Disk

Vulcan Spring has introduced a new and versatile end fitting for its best-selling Pullbox security tether/retractor. Similar to the company's popular Mouse end fitting, the Thin Disk is designed for field installation. It can be easily attached to a cable after the cable has been passed through a small hole in the display allowing the Pullbox retractor to remain out of view.

The Thin Disk end fitting is flat on both the front and rear sides and the new design allows a cable to be snapped into the fitting without any extra parts. The end fitting provides multiple mounting choices including a screw hole for mounting and two slots for adding a tie wrap as well as double-sided tape that will attach it to the product on display.

The Thin Disk also comes with complete installation instructions. The Thin Disk dimensions are: 1.196" diameter by 0.22" thick.