• Introducing the New MiniVS Positioning Tether


Introducing the New MiniVS Positioning Tether

Vulcan Spring, inventor of the revolutionary, retractable Pullbox® product tether, has continued to innovate so POP display designers have more options. The MiniVS is designed to provide positioning advantages that require only a minimal level of security.

The MiniVS is slightly larger than a quarter yet it contains up to 36” of nylon-covered steel cable. As a value-priced positioning tether, the MiniVS opens new markets for lower priced products, customer instruction sheets, and cosmetic samples.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Pullbox® Alarm is ideal for product positioning and as a theft deterrent for high-end product samples including Cellphones, PDAs, Cameras, and Video Cameras. The Pullbox Alarm is a battery-operated alarm which snaps onto the traditional Pullbox. There are no attachment wires and the Pullbox Alarm does not require a separate power source.

Vulcan Spring also continues to add customization options to the versatile Pullbox. A new cable exit location for the Pullbox, located on the top of the box, lets designers and engineers locate the Pullbox directly below any product on display.

No matter the design challenge, Vulcan Pullbox remains the standard for versatility, efficiency and value.