Chuck Hallquist

Chuck HallquistTitle: Regional Sales Manager for USA West, Europe and Canada.


Educational credentials: Studied Mechanical Engineering at Norwalk State Technical College, Industrial Engineering at Central Connecticut State University.

Relevant or noteworthy experience: Started engineering career testing plastic for airplanes, making turbine blades used in the fuel booster for the space shuttle, transitioned to project engineer for particle accelerators and electrical motors, onto quality manager and sales for ergonomic monitor mounts.

When hired at Vulcan: September 30, 2015

Why I chose Vulcan: I choose Vulcan Spring because of the potential to solve customer’s problems on a component level with a significant attention to custom engineering designs. 

Outside interests / hobbies: Family, Motorcycles, old cars, golf, side projects, fishing, cold beer on a Friday night.

Philanthropic endeavors, if any: Paying my children’s college loans.

A person who (or an event that) inspired you: The birth of my children, the miracle of life is the most amazing event I’ve ever witnessed, I applaud my wife and all mothers.

In your opinion, what is the greatest engineering achievement of all time? Gasoline combustion engine.  This amazing invention has not changed much in the past 100 years. Most of us use one of these every day.

What car you’d drive, if money (or street laws) were no object: A new Corvette. But I always have a few vehicles to choose from.